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WildQi - Brings Wild and Raw Herbs to Oz

 by wildqi on  |
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During many years of researching and trialling many hundreds of health promoting products and goods both personally and within this practice, I really feel that we found some truly exceptional health supports. The  most profound and beneficial being wild and raw herbs and spices in their pristine natural state. Even organic foods grown bio-dynamically generally can't compare with the full spectrum of nutrients and powerful energetics that are the signature of foods that grow wild in their indigenous locale. The main benefits of NAH&S products being: Ethical and careful consideration ensuring environmental conservation Renewable resource programs for future generations Sourced and handpicked from remote and natural habitats Traditional extraction techniques handed down throughout the generations Careful selection of ingredients based on indigenous application and folklore No pesticides, chemicals, solvents or alcohol and GM organism free Tested to ensure potency, incredible phytochemical markers Educative and progressive company ethos Superior wild crafted, whole raw foods with astonishing nutritive and energetic value. These foods promote health and healing true to their purpose.